About Us

Services Plus was founded by Peter Kilpatrick in Innisfil, Ontario in 1992.

Peter started out as a millwright, refrigeration mechanic with a gas fitter license. Because of his knack for diagnostics and repair work and was always being called to help people.

Helping people is something that Peter enjoyed doing so he decided to start his own business. He took the training & courses needed to be fully licensed and educated to operate a heating, air conditioning and mechanical business.

Services Plus started as a one man show. Business was good and was really growing mostly from word of mouth. In 1994 an unexpected rare disease (GBS) brought Services Plus to a halt when Peter ended up in the hospital.

A year later after being told he was getting better and this rare disease would not come back Peter decided to start Services Plus up again.

This time Peter needed his helper (Don) and Services Plus was back up and running in no time.

An even bigger surprise was when in 1998 when Peter’s GBS came back again and he ended up back in the hospital.

Although this was quite a set back Peter knew when he could start Services Plus back up again we would.

This time he hired subcontractors to help with the work.  This did not seem to be the best solution for his customers so Peter incorporated and hired employees.

His next goal was to set Services Plus up to be self-sufficient so the business could still help people and run without him.

To make this happen he had to find the right people to work with who shared the same core values of helping people with great quality service.

As there really are a lot of good people out there who are happy to help building a strong team was not as hard as he thought.

Working in the largest retirement community in Ontario (Sandy Cove Acres) and seeing how some companies take advantage of seniors was upsetting!

His office needed to be his hub and make it all happen so after a few tries Peter found the office administrators he needed.  These people really care about the customers and our mission to give the best service possible to our clients.

Peter’s next goal was finding technicians that were qualified and honest. Kevin & Pat (these guys deserve an honorable mention) were the firsts techs hired.

Since then we have made an effort to work with quality technicians who believe in delivering great service and are appreciated by our clients for their commitment, excellent work and good values.

With the staffing challenge solved finding the best high efficiency equipment for our clients HVAC needs became the next challenge.

After over 20 years in business we are confident that we can deliver great quality HVAC equipment for our clients.

We are fortunate to work with several strong suppliers of quality products to ensure that we can deliver the best products and services for all of our customers HVAC & mechanical needs.



Founder and owner operator of Services Plus

Proudly Canadian.