Heat Recovery Ventilators From Lifebreath

Lifebreath is a global leader in indoor air-quality management with over 30 years of experience in the industry to put to work for you.Lifebreath-155-ECM-200-MAX

We believe breathing fresh, clean air is at the core of a healthy home. This is why we remain at the vanguard of the industry in product quality and innovation.

Home owners love Lifebreath because our products are industry leading; contractors love us because they know our products will exceed their customers’ expectations.

We invite you to get to know the Lifebreath brand and improve the quality of the air you breathe.

How Does It Work?


Lifebreath Ventilation products (HRV/ERV) move stale, contaminated, air from inside the house to outdoors. At the same time they draw fresh oxygen-laden air from outside and distribute it throughout the house.

Stale, polluted air is constantly being replaced by an equal quantity of fresh clean air.

As the two air streams pass through the unit they do not mix. They pass on either side of our exclusive and patented aluminum heat-exchange (HRV) or enthalpic (ERV) cores which transfers heating/cooling energy from the outgoing air to the incoming air.

The efficiency of the Lifebreath HRV and ERV is so great that virtually none of the warm/cool air collected from your home is lost to the outside.

This balanced ventilation is critical to prevent moisture build-up in your home during the heating season which can lead to expensive rot damage and hazardous mold.

What makes Lifebreath the most advanced Ventilation product available?

  • Only Lifebreath has a patented aluminum core, proudly manufactured by Airia. This makes the Lifebreath core so reliable, we offer a lifetime warranty.
  • Lifebreath offers the only five speed HRV and ERV available
  • For over 25 years, all Lifebreath products have been proudly manufactured to a worldwide customer base from our ISO 9001 registered plant in Ontario Canada.


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Proudly Canadian

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